The Audit 207 is perfect for performing thickness measurements in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation and is ideal for applications involving Pipelines, Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks

PhysicalWeight225 g
Size (Width x Height x Depth)70.3mm x 121mm x 32.3mm
Operating Temp.-20 o C to 55 o C
CasingExtruded aluminum body with anodised aluminium end caps (gasket sealed).
Sealed membrane.
KeypadSix tactile-feedback keys + one power on/off.
Transducer5MHz 1/4” Dual Transducer. Options: 2.5 MHz 1/2”Dual, 7.5 MHz 1/4” Hi-Res
Dual, 5 MHz 1/2” Hi-Temp Dual.
Power Source2x AA Alkaline (E91 - LR6 - AM3) - 1.5V
DisplayMulti-function 4.5 digit LCD display with 0.5” numerals.
Backlight is selectable on/off.
In Scan Mode, the minimum measurement is always displayed on the top
line of the Display with a simultaneous view of the live measurement in
large digits.
CertificationFactory calibration traceable to national standards and in accordance with our
ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System
WarrantyFive year conditional.
MeasuringRangeMeasures from 0.63mm - 500mm (0.025” - 9.999”) depending on transducer /
Unitsmaterial type.
Metric and Imperial
Resolution0.01mm (0.001”)
Velocity Range1250 m/s to 10000 m/s
CE MarkingYes

AUDIT SERIES - 105,106,107

Thickness gauges



The Audit 105 is pre-calibrated to measure mild steel and offers the ultimate in ease of operation. The Audit 106 offers the additional facility of ten preset calibration programs for a selection of commonly used engineering materials. The Audit 107 allows full Operator calibration either by setting velocity or using test pieces of known thickness, of the material to be measured.

Audits are essential tools for the Plant Maintenance Engineer or Engineering Surveyor. From pipelines to pressure vessels, tubes to tankers, castings to casings, boilers to bunkers, stairways to stanchions, cranes to conveyors, and gas tanks to gantries, Audit ultrasonic thickness gauges are the cost effective way to:

1. Comply with statutory requirements.
2. Measure abrasion wears rates.
3. Measure rates of corrosion.
4. Plan intervals between inspections.
5. Avoid costly unscheduled maintenance.
6. Assess working plant without shutdown.




Product Description

The LumaCheck comes as a complete kit. It comes with the following as standard:

LumaCheck Unit, Sensor Head, Sensor Cable, Blue Rubber Boot, 2 x Non-Rechargeable AA Batteries, Carry Case, Quick Reference Guide and the LumaCheck Manual.

GENERAL:Measuring Range: White Light:5 lux to 10,000 lux
UV Light:0 to 10,000 uW/cm²
Resolution: White Light:0.1 lux below 10 lux.
UV Light:0.15 to 10 µW/cm 2 (micro watts per square centimetre).
Units: White Light:Foot Candles (ft-c or fc or lm/ft) or Lux.
UV Light:µW/cm 2 (micro watts per square centimetre).
UNIT:Display:2.8” (70mm) 320 x 240 pixels colour display. LCD with selectable backlight.
Screen:5 readings per second.
Conversion Rate:100ms
Resolution:Up to 0.1 Lux & 0.1uW/cm2 (configurable)
Dimensions:163mm Long x 80mm Wide x 25mm Deep. With rubber boot on = 168mm Long x
85mm Wide x 30mm Deep.
Weight:350g (0.77 pounds) including batteries.
Power:2 x 1.5 V AA Alkaline Batteries.
PC Connectivity:USB or mains charging capabilities
IP Standard:IP54
Resolution:Settable in menu system
SENSOROverall Accuracy:+/- 3% measured against primary standard
HEADTemperature Coefficient:less than +/- 0.01%/C (0 to 50C)
Irradiance range:UV-A - 0 - 10000 uW/cm2, Visible - 0 - 10000 lux
Spectral range:UV-A - 315-400nm, Visible - 460-680nm





Crystal TypeDescriptionFrequencyDiameterTop EntrySide Entry
TwinCompression 0 o2.5MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo
TwinCompression 0 o5MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo
Connectors: Subvis as standard, Lemo 00 or Micro-dot optional



Crystal TypeDescriptionFrequencyDiameterConnector Type
SingleShear Wave 45 o2MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo
SingleShear Wave 60 o2MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo
SingleShear Wave 70 o2MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo
SingleShear Wave 45 o4MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo
SingleShear Wave 60 o4MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo
SingleShear Wave 70 o4MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo
SingleShear Wave 45 o5MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo
SingleShear Wave 60 o5MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo
SingleShear Wave 70 o5MHz10mmSubvisMicrodotMini Lemo