MFE mark III


Product Description

MFE Enterprises, Inc. is proud to announce the release of
the new and improved Mark Ill lineup. The Mark Ill Floor
Scanner addresses many issues faced by the modern day
tank inspector, such as improved inspections through
coated floors, improved inspections through thicker plates,
fully adjustable thresholds for improved thresholding
techniques, and the ability to produce color-coded maps of
carbon steel loss across the tank floor. Initially, the Mark Ill
Floor Scanner will be available in three different models:
• Manual Operation
• Stop-On-Defect
• Color Map

Technical Specifications

Scan width12 inch
Scan lengthnone
speed3 ft
Thickness range75/20 mm
Test through coatingNon-magnetic
Max coating thickness75/20 mm
Real time analysis12 channel
Power requirement12 v battery

MFE 1212 Mark 2 EdgeScan


Product Description

The MFE 1212 Mark 2 EdgeScan has become a must have on today’s
jobsite. This is the alternative to scrubbing the critical zone with ultrasonics.
This Unit addresses the issue of scanning the critical zone (plate to shell).
The two top wheels help guide the unit around the tank’s shell while the
handle pivots allowing the operator greater clearance from the shell. It has
the same popular Real Time Display that all the MFE Mark 2 scanners utilize
and can be upgraded to the Mark 3 electronics and touch screen.
Options include an extended signal cable
and a carrying case to allow
maximum mobility.
This unit will save time, money,
and your back!

Technical Specifications

Scan width12 inch
Scan lengthnone
speed3 ft
Thickness range3.8
Test through coatingNon magnetic
Max coating thicknessUp to 3/8
Real time analysis6 channel
Power requirement12 v

MFE PipeScan


Product Description

MFE Enterprises, Inc. is proud to announce the release of
the new rugged, reliable and easy to use MFE PipeScan.
This fully adjustabe MFL scanner will scan pipe from 5″ and
up. A Panasonic ToughBook displays the digital volume
loss signals in real time. The MFE PipeScan comes with
the option from scanning wth 3 to 6 MFL bridges. This will
allow a inspection area from 8.25″ to 16.5″ in a single pass
with a scanning speed up to 3 feet per second.
The MFE PipeScan will be able to scan through thin
coatings with ease. A built in fully adjustable threshold
alarm function insures that no defects will be missed. The
MFE PipeScan has everything needed to perform a pipe
inspection quickly, efficiently, and accurately.
• Panasonic ToughBook
• Up to 50+ foot signal cable
• MFE Electronics Module

Technical Specifications

Weight60 ibs-120 ibs
Power requirement12 v
Scanning area8.25 – 16.5
Real time displayyes
Freeze screenyes
Test through coatingNon-magnetic
Thickness range50 inch -12 mm
Pipe size5 inch and up

HPX Wall Crawler

(High-Performance X-Type)


Product Description

Absolutely the fastest method for inspecting remote access areas
Safer alternative for tank wall and roof inspection
Turn-key system includes everything needed for ultrasonic tank corrosioLarge suspension travel; the best crawler available
for difficult obstructions and surfaces
Single and Dual element transducers for variable conditions;
proprietary shoe design
Highly maneuverable
Sealed positional encoder for B-scan acquisition
Parts machined from billet 6061 Aluminum and 303 stainless steel
Strategic weight reduction cavities
Tough hard coat anodizing
Highest power density rare earth motors available
Proprietary direct drive gear set design; no chains, belts, set screws,
or clamps to allow slippage
Completely sealed unit
Improved spring detent suspension
Increased power, torque, and adhesion

HSR Crawler

(High-Speed Raster)


Product Description

The HSR Crawler is an innovative ultrasonic scanner that addresses the need
for an automated raster type unit offering higher performance and durability
over an extended range of applications.
The scanner traverses large vessels with obstacles that are problemat c for most
tank crawlers, yet performs corrosion scanning on pipe down to 2″ nominal
diameter while requiring no probe adjustments over the range.
The scanner offers high maneuverability via steering with the controller’s
touch-screen interface or optional extended joystick. A spring-detent suspension
allows all four of the large diameter magnetic wheels to maintain contact on
uneven surfaces. Locking the suspension provides optimal alignment on pipe. A
parking function lifts the advanced transducer/coupling shoe assembly for
crossing over larger obstacles. High scanning speed is achieved without
sacrificing high torque and actuator force, and the specially engineered gears are
coupled directly to all four wheels through a compact, sealed enclosure for
durability and low maintenance. The high quality servo motors are powered with
specially designed low EMI motor drives in a closed-loop confguration, offering
high positional accuracy. Scanning operation may be controlled autonomously via
the controller touch-screen, or externally controlled using simple step and
direction signals. A home positioning routine is utilized with solid state end
sensors for collision control. Conventional or phased array type transducers can
be deployed, and the scanner is offered in extended stroke lengths.

Technical Specifications

Drive axis- speed11 inch per sec
Drive axis- Resolution3081
Scan axis-speed25 inch
Scan axis-actuator20 ibs
Scan arm length1381.648
Over travel25 mm per side
Scan limit protectionAgnetic limit switches
Magnetic pull force45 ibf per wheel